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Green Petrol Station Equipments Industries Co

Green Petrol Station Equipments Industries Co.

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Green Petroleum Station Equipments Industries Co. (GPSEI) is one of the Iranian largest providers of fuel retailing solutions. Our breadth of offer aims to give our customers choice. This consists of four core elements: Dispensers, Fuel tanker Systems, Construction of fuel station and after sell service to different type of fuel dispenser pumps.

Green Petroleum products have been associated with excellent quality for more than ten years from 2005. Providing high quality solutions is set in deep in the culture of our group. Our Iranian logo (GPSEI), which is proudly printed on all our products, our experienced team and engineers continue the tradition of developing highly innovative, quality, equipment today and in preparation for tomorrow.

At the heart of our business is our After Sell Service network. We have almost 36 agents all around Iran. From new product developments to project management to after sales support and genuine service, our local presence, backed by the intelligence and security of our global operation allows us to position ourselves to be selected as your supplier of choice.

We are highly looking forward to improve our business by joint venture to other companies all over the world.

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